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Signing up to Q doctor on an android phone or tablet

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Once your practice or hub has asked you to use Q doctor to book a video consultation you will need to download the Q doctor app from the Play Store if you're using an android device.

If you are signing up from a PC or iPhone click here

To sign up head to the Play Store, and search for Q doctor, or click here. Download the app. 

When opened for the first time, the app will ask you for permission to use the camera for video, the microphone for audio, and location.

Once downloaded the app will open this screen:

To sign up click 'FIND GP PRACTICE & SIGNUP'  

You will then be taken to the sign up page to create a profile and login details.

You'll also be asked to select your GP surgery.

If your surgery/hub is working with Q doctor you will see a message saying: 

If your surgery/hub has not partnered with you will see:

If you have been instructed by your surgery to book an appointment please contact us either by phone (0330 223 0249) or live chat, by clicking on the pink button in the bottom left corner of the home screen. 

Once the terms and conditions have been accepted click 'Sign Up'. 

You will then be taken to the verification page. If you have been given a code from your practice please input this here. Otherwise either call your practice for a code or press 'Use my ID Documents instead' to be taken through a verification process. This second option may be not instant. 

You'll be taken to the book appointment page. For instructions on booking appointments and the consultation click here

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