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Booking a Q doctor video appointment on a computer using Google Chrome

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This guide will explain how to book an appointment for Q doctor on your computer. You will need to be on Google Chrome. If you need support downloading and signing up click here.

To book an appointment login to the Q doctor by heading to qdoctor.io and press 'Login' in the top right-hand corner. 

Once you have logged in you will enter the book an appointment page. Select the most appropriate reason for your appointment e.g. 'New Ailment or Illness', 'Medication Review', 'Book an appointment'.

You will then be asked to confirm this is the only reason for your appointment (if you have more than one ailment you will need to book multiple appointments). Once you have pressed yes you will be shown all the slots available. You may need to flick through to the correct date depending on availability.  

Select the appointment that suits you best. You will then need to truthfully answer 3 questions for security reasons and then will be asked for your consent for the doctor to access your medical records and for the consultation to be recorded. Contact Q doctor if you have any questions.

Your appointment is now booked and will appear in your appointments section (you will also get a confirmation email too). Please log into the app 3 minutes before the start of your appointment as the consultation will occur in the app.  

When the doctor has joined the appointment it will say 'ENTER CONSULTATION' in blue. Click on this to enter the consultation. 

If you have questions don't hesitate to get in touch:
Look out for this icon to message us on live chat. 

Call: 0330 223 0349
Email: info@qdoctor.io

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