Image and File Upload in Meetings

A step by step guide for uploading and downloading images and files in Meetings on Q health

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To use the image and file upload feature you will need to be in a Meeting.

Once in the meeting both the host and guests have the ability to upload or download files or images. To do this users need to press on the file icon on the panel of buttons at the base of the video (see red square on image below). You may need to press on the screen (if using a smartphone or tablet) or move your mouse (if using a computer) to activate the panel.

On a computer or tablet a box will appear on the righthand side of the screen called 'Inbox', on a smartphone this will open over the current video screen. The inbox can be closed at any time with the red X.

To upload a file or image the user simply presses 'Upload' and accepts a pop-up.

The user can then search for a specific file or image on their device or if using a smartphone or tablet they can access their camera to take a picture straight away. This image or file is then uploaded and visible in the inbox for all participants of the meeting.

Users can preview the picture before downloading by pressing on the small image visible.

Downloading is really simple users press the download button next to the file or image they want to download (see red square below). The user will be notified by their device that the file/image is being downloaded and this will then be saved onto their device.

Unless the organisation has a different configuration, once the meeting has been ended by the host the images and files will be permanently deleted - therefore remember to save if you need to access again!

Any questions or issues regarding this feature please contact the support team by email:, phone: 0330 223 0349 or pressing the pink dot:

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