Participant List in Meetings

A guide to accessing the participant list in Meetings on Q health

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The participant list will show you which guests have joined the meeting and allow hosts to invite guests during the meeting. To access the participant list, hover your cursor over the video stream and click on the person icon (highlighted in red).

This will open a panel called ‘Meeting details’ on the right hand side of the screen.

The ‘Add people’ button will be visible for hosts and by clicking this, they can invite other guests during a meeting by either email, SMS or copying the URL.

The participant list shows a record of each guest who has joined the meeting at some point. It does not show who is currently in the meeting but the time stamps under each name will provide an indication of when each guest has joined. For example, if a guest leaves and rejoins the meeting, they will appear again at the bottom of the list and the number of people in the meeting will increase (see image below).

In Phase 2 of the participant list, there will be the ability to see which guests are currently in the meeting and whether guests have their camera or microphone switched on/off.

If you are accessing the participant list on a smartphone, the ‘Meetings details’ panel will cover the screen. You will need to close this to see the video feed of the guests.

Any questions or issues regarding this feature please contact the support team by email:, phone: 0330 223 0349 or pressing the pink dot:

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