Setting up Office365 for Workspaces

Initial setup of Office365

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If your Workspaces vPC has Office365 installed you will be asked to enter your Office365 user account details the first time you open any of the Office365 Apps. You should have received an Office365 account details email from Q doctor already.

Note: Please do not use/click the 'Sign-in to Office365' button in the your Office365 account details email.

The most likely Office365 App you will need is Word. Below are the steps you need to follow;

To activate Word with your Office365 account details

  • Login to your Workspaces vPC. You may see a screen that prompts you to sign-up for teams (see image below) when you first login - simply close this.

  • Click on the Windows menu icon (bottom left of your vPC's screen) and you will see the menu pop up (see image below).

  • If you do not see Word listed in the menu then simply start typing 'Word' (without the quotes) and you should then see Word listed (see image below). Now click on 'Word' to open the Word App.

  • After a few moments you should see the screen below - click 'Sign-in'

  • You should now see the Activate Office screen below. Next enter your User Name (this is in your Office365 invite email) and then click 'Next'.
    โ€‹Note is is important to enter the user name from the email and not your email address below.

  • Next enter the password from your Office365 invite email and then click 'Sign-in'

  • You will then be asked to change your password from the one provided in the Office365 invite email to a new one that only you know.

  • Once you have created a new password you will see the screen below - please just use the 'Cancel' button in this screen.

  • You are now all set and can close the Word App by using the close box in the top right corner of the Word window (be careful not to close the PCoIP Client App by mistake!)

Now Word is all set up and ready to be used whenever you need to complete a Word based form or template when logged into the clinical system you are documenting into.

If you have any problems with the above steps please contact the Q health support team via the Pink support button and they will be able to help you.

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