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MacOS Catalina & USB Smart Card Readers
MacOS Catalina & USB Smart Card Readers

Your USB Smart Card reader does not appear in the Teradici PCoIP App

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If you are having trouble getting your smart card reader to appear in the Teradici App's Connection menu then please try the following steps;

  • If “USB Devices” doesn’t show -> check your MacOS version is Catalina; And then reinstall Teradici. You may see the following warning displayed - just click the 'OK' button;

  • Make sure you run Teradici PCoIP from Applications, and not from the DMG installation file (this is an easy mistake to make - but very important to get right).

  • Now from the Apple menu open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and select the the ‘General’ tab. Now Click the padlock Icon (bottom left) to unlock and then allow software from Teradici in the panel just above. Then close the padlock again and close the window.

  • If “USB Devices” doesn’t show the reader -> plug in the reader directly into your Mac.

  • If Identity Agent window is not showing -> make sure the reader is connected via Teradici and your smart card is inserted into the card reader.

  • If the Identity Agent window is still not showing even though the card reader is connected and the card is inserted” -> flick the “Connect” / “Disconnect” button a few times until it appears. Disconnecting and reconnecting the card reader several times (using just the Teradici Connect/Disconnect button) will usually eventually get your card reader working.

If none of the above steps appear to solve the problem then use the Pink support button and the support team will assist you.

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