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Your USB Smart Card reader does not appear in the Teradici PCoIP App

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If your Smart Card reader is not appearing when you open the Teradici PCoIP App;

  • Firstly check that “USB Devices” shows in the “Connections” menu - if not uninstall the App & go through App reinstall procedure, then come back and check again.

  • If “USB Devices” still doesn’t show the card reader, make sure it’s plugged in or try another USB port. Once plugged in, it should show up.

  • Put the smart card in the reader if it’s not in there already - it can stay in, no need to take it out and reinsert it - by re-inserting it this should trigger the Identity Agent to be displayed if its not displaying already.

  • Press “Connect”. If the Identity Agent pops up, you are all set. If not, press “Disconnect” and “Connect” a few times as that usually makes the Identity Agent display after a few tries

  • If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the smart card device and its driver, then do another “Disconnect” + “Reconnect” to make it install it again.

If you are still having issues getting your smart card reader to be detected then please use the Pink button to contact our support team for assistance.

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