Identity Agent Issues

What to do if the Identity Agent is not displayed?

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Sometimes the Identity Agent (or IA - the software that is triggered by inserting your Smart Card into your reader) may fail to appear when you insert your Smart Card into your reader. Usually this means that the IA has crashed for some reason and you need to restart it.

To re-start the IA manually do the following steps on your vPC:

  • Select the magnifying glass (or search box) in the task bar.

  • Then type 'Identity Agent' (without the quotes).

  • You should see 'Identity Agent' appear in the search results - simply click on it to re-start it.

If your Smart Card is still in your reader you should see the IA appear now as normal and you are all set. If your Smart Card is not in the reader then insert it to trigger the IA to be displayed.

If you have any problems getting above procedure to work or you need additional help then please use the Pink support button to contact our support team.

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