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Forcing a GPO to be applied to a vPC

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When a Group Policy Object (GPO) is created or updated they will automatically be applied to each vPC. But in some circumstances they may take a while to get transferred to a users vPC. GPO's are used by the Admin team to distribute things like desktop shortcuts to vPC's.

To manually force a GPO update do the following steps on your vPC;

  • Click on the search tool (Magnifying glass icon at the bottom left of your vPC's desktop)

  • Now start typing;

  • You will see gpupdate appear as a 'Best match' so either simply tap the return key or click on gpupdate in the 'Best match' list.

  • You will see a window appear briefly while the update is happening and that window will close automatically. Now your vPC has all of the latest GPO updates applied.

If you have any problems getting above procedure to work or you need additional help then please use the Pink support button to contact our support team.

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