To completely disable the media cache in Google Chrome follow the steps below. This will stop Chrome from caching any media (photos, images, video etc) on your local hard drive;

  • Firstly locate the Chrome desktop shortcut and right-click on it and select 'Properties'.

  • Now locate the 'Target' field in the properties window and add the text below to the end of the text string that is already in the field. See the screen-shot below and note there should be a single space between the quote and the text below that you are adding;

    --media-cache-size=1 --disk-cache-size=1

  • Now click 'Apply' - if you get an error it means you have a typo or have left the 'space' mentioned above out. Double check everything is correct.

  • Lastly click 'OK' to confirm the changes above.

Now whenever you launch Chrome from the desktop shortcut the media cache will be completely disabled and no media files will be cached on your hard drive. Note if you launch Chrome without using the desktop shortcut media files will be cached again.

If you have any problems getting above procedure to work or you need additional help then please use the Pink support button to contact our support team.

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