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Q health Patient Vaccination Booking Guide
Q health Patient Vaccination Booking Guide

A step by step guide to help patients book their vaccination appointment.

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This guide will explain how to book your vaccination appointment. At the bottom we have commonly asked questions and the Q health team is available to help during your booking process via the pink circle button.

Booking your appointment

1) First you will receive a text form your practice (you may receive a text from a partner practice that is running the vaccination clinic). Please press on the link in your text message, this will take you to the Q health website where you can easily book your appointment.

Please open the link using Google Chrome for Android or Safari for iOS

2) Once on the Q health website please press Login (if you have pressed the link your unique code will already be input). Once you've logged in please input the required details and press 'Submit'.

3) Please select a time slot you are able to attend. You may need to either jump to a future date or use the Next Day options to get to your preferred day. Once you've found an appointment press on the time slot then click and confirm. After you have pressed confirm, you will then see a page confirming your appointment has been booked.

4) If there are no available slots available you will see a message saying 'Currently there are no appointments available'. Please check back on the platform regularly as your practice will upload new appointments frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please get in touch with the Q health support team via the live chat by using the pink circle or email - we will need your unique code to cancel/reschedule your appointment.

I can't see any appointments on the platform?

Please check back on the platform regularly as your practice will add more slots periodically.

I can't enter my details?

If you are having issues entering your details, please ensure you are pressing in the text box. You can also book your appointment on a computer by going to and using the 9 digit code at the end of the link in your text.

Where will my appointment be?

The location of the appointment is visible when you book and also on your confirmation page.

Will my appointment be at 30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LQ?

No, your appointment location can be found at the end of your clinician name, this location is the Q health office!

When will I get my second vaccine?

You should receive a message to book in for your second appointment closer to the appointment time. If you have any more questions regarding the second vaccine you will need to get in contact with your practice.

When I press login I am getting an invalid code error message

Please try on the device you initially input your code onto, if this error continues get in touch with the Q health support team via the live chat by using the big pink circle or email

If your question has not been answered in this article, please press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team or email - we are available 8am-8pm 7 days a week!

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