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Clinic Admin Guide to Booking Patients in for their Vaccination
Clinic Admin Guide to Booking Patients in for their Vaccination

A guide to help the admin team book patients in for an appointment on the Q health booking platform.

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1) Once you have logged into Q health with your Clinic Admin account, you will arrive on the Clinic Admin Dashboard which should look like the below. Press 'Generate an Appointment Code ' to create a unique 9 digit code. If the patient has their 9 digit code and they have not used it, you can also use this to book them in.

2) After generating the code, you can either copy the 9 digit code (see 1 below) or the unique URL link (see 2 below) to head to straight to the login page. You may need to expand the SMS message box to see this link by dragging the botto right corner of the box (see 3 below).

3) Open up an 'Incognito Window' on Google Chrome, or 'InPrivate Window' on Edge. To do this, please right click on the browser icon on your taskbar, this will open up a menu where you can click to open the new incognito or InPrivate window.

4) If you copied the code or were given the code by the patient, go to and press 'Patient Login' in the top right hand corner. If you copied the link, paste this into the browser to go straight to the login page where the code will be pre-filled.

5) Enter in the 9 digit code (either that you generated or the patient gave to you) into the white box and press 'Login'.

6) Enter the patient's details into the form that will look something like below.

7) Head to the date you want to book them in and find the appropriate time slot.

8) Press the time slot and then hit 'Confirm'.

9) After pressing 'Confirm' you will then see the 'Appointment Details' page that confirms the booking.

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