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Organisation Admin Guide to Inviting Clinicians and Admin Users
Organisation Admin Guide to Inviting Clinicians and Admin Users

A guide to help Organisation Admin Users of Q health invite new users to the platform.

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Inviting Clinicians and Admin Users

Please note that this will only apply to those users who have the permission on their account to use the invite feature. If you do not have this permission, please contact your Organisation Admin who will be able to assist you.

To invite clinicians or additional admin users, please login to your Q health account and you will then be able to see your dashboard. On the right hand side of the screen there is a box called ‘Users’, where you can see all the current clinicians and admin staff who have access to the current organisation, in this instance the "Anna's Test clinic".

The 'Users' Box has three buttons:

  1. Minimises the 'Users' box.

  2. Opens the invitation pop-up.

  3. Removes a user from the organisation.

By clicking the invite button, you will get the following pop up:

Enter their email address and select the correct role from the drop down menu, in this instance we will select Nurse, and then click ‘Send Invite’. For a list of the available roles and what they can do, please press here.

A confirmation will appear at the top right of the screen confirming the email has been sent.

The new user will receive an email with the title ‘Invite to Q health’, which includes a link (see red box). If the user has not received their email, please ask them to check their junk/spam folder in the first instance. The invite will now show in the User box on your dashboard - while the invite is pending acceptance, it will show in the user box as an email address with their role (please note that the role OneOneOne is a Clinic Admin invite that has not been accepted). Once the user has accepted the invite and created their account, it will show both their name and their role.

They will need to click where it says 'Accept Invitation' or copy the link into Google Chrome/ Microsoft Edge (please note we are not compatible with Internet Explorer) and if they are a new user then they will need to create an account. If the user already has an account then they will just have to login as usual after accepting the invitation.

The Different Roles and What They Can Do

Please only use the roles listed: Clinic Admin, Clinician, Doctor, Nurse, Reporting Dashboard Access.

For enhanced Clinic Admin access, please ensure the user is also invited as Organisation Admin for enhanced permissions.

For information on what each role can do, please see below:

If your question has not been answered in this article, please press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team!

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