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eConsult toolbar video guide using Q health
eConsult toolbar video guide using Q health

A step by step guide for using the video feature in the eConsult toolbar

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This guide will show a step by step for using the video feature in the eConsult toolbar. For a demo video click here and for more information on installing the toolbar click here.

eConsult toolbar

The toolbar is designed to sit on the desktop and will float above your clinical system and web browsers.

The toolbar has 4 buttons:

  1. Takes you directly to the eConsult webpage.

  2. Opens the News window where you can find out the latest updates and resources available directly from the toolbar.

  3. Opens the Post Consultation Message window. Post Consult Messaging (PCM) is an easy way to respond to patients following the review of an eConsult, to either close the eConsultation or initiate follow-up steps. For more information, please click here.

  4. Opens the Q health Video feature that provides you with the ability to have an instant video consultation with your patient, see below for the step by step guide.

If you have any questions or problems whilst downloading, installing, or using the toolbar, please click here to get in touch with the eConsult team! If you would like to watch the latest eConsult toolbar webinar, please click here.

Q health video feature

The Q health video feature can be used for both 1:1 and multi-party consultations. Simply press the video button on the eConsult toolbar. If this is your first time logging in then you will be able to use your NHS Mail account for SSO by pressing the big blue 'NHS Login with NHSMail' button! If you don't have an account you can quickly and easily sign up by pressing Sign Up. Once you have logged into the toolbar you are auto logged in for future use.

Once logged in, you will then be on the instant video dashboard - this is known as the Meetings.

From here you can easily create an instant video consultation by pressing ‘Create for now’. You then need to enter the patient’s phone number or their email address (or you can copy the link to send it via an alternative means) and then press ‘Join’. This will simultaneously send the invite and enter you into the Meeting. You are also able to invite yourself if you want to use a difference device for the consultation by entering your email or phone number (this is not shared with the patient).

From the Meetings dashboard, you can also join the Meeting, invite participants to the Meeting, edit the title of the Meeting, or if you created the Meeting by accident you can delete it.

In the Meeting, there are various functions that are available by hovering over the video feed:

  1. Allows the host to end or leave the Meeting (with an option to cancel this),

  2. Turns the host's video feed on or off,

  3. Turns the host's microphone on or off,

  4. Flips the camera (if applicable),

  5. Opens the participant list (click here for more information)

  6. Opens the file and photo sharing panel (click here for more information)

  7. Blurs host's background (feature only available to hosts and not guests, click here for more information).

You can also resize the Q health window by clicking and dragging the bottom right hand corner of the window - if this is done in the Meeting room, it makes the video feed of the patient bigger.

Once the Meeting has ended, if your practice has a post-consultation questionnaire enabled then you will be able to complete this (For more information regarding questions please contact the Q health team). You will then be directed back to the Meetings dashboard!

Patient pathway

To see the patient's journey please press here.

Questions and Support for Q health

If you have any questions or need support please press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team! We are available from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

Questions and Support on the eConsult toolbar.

If you have any questions or problems whilst downloading, installing, or using the toolbar, please head to to get in touch with the eConsult team!

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