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Resetting your Workspaces Password with an NHS mail account
Resetting your Workspaces Password with an NHS mail account

Resetting your Workspaces Password if you have an NHS mail account

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If you have forgotten or need to reset your Workspaces password then please follow these simple steps;

1. Open your Workspaces App on your computer the click on 'Forgot Password?' beneath the 'Sign-In' button.

2. In the Recover Password screen type your Workspaces username into the Username field (make sure this is correct - your Workspaces invite email will contains this information). Now carefully type the characters in the grey box into the field just below (your characters will be different to the image below) - be careful to get them correct. Now click on 'Recover Password'.

3. A password request email will now be sent to the email address associated with your Workspace.

Note: If your IT Team uses a central email address for all Workspaces then the password reset email will be sent to that email address and not your personal email address. Please contact your IT Team in that situation.

NHS mail users

It is possible that your password reset email may get sent to your 'Junk Mail' folder in NHS mail. Follow these steps to look for your password reset email;

1. Open NHS mail on your PC and click 'Junk Email' in the side-bar menu.

2. You will now see what emails are in your 'Junk Email' folder. Look for one that says 'Amazon Workspaces - Password Reset Request' (as in the image below). now right-click on the email, then select the 'Security Options' item and then the 'Mark as not junk' option.

3. In the 'Report as not junk' screen that appear select 'Report'.

4. Now you will see the 'Amazon Workspaces - Password Reset Request' email in your Inbox (see below). Open the email and follow the instructions to reset your password,.

If you are still having issues with your password resets then please use the Pink button to contact our support team for assistance.

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