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Cancelling or rescheduling a vaccination appointment
Cancelling or rescheduling a vaccination appointment

Steps to cancel or change a vaccination appointment

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If you are unable to attend your vaccination appointment please let us know as soon as possible to increase the chances that another patient will be able to book.

To cancel or rearrange please contact the Q health team either by using the pink button in the bottom right corner or emailing

In your message please try and provide your:

  1. Booking code

  2. Date of appointment

  3. Location of appointment

  4. If you are looking to reschedule

The team will then get back in touch to confirm they have cancelled your appointment, request further information if they have had issues finding your appointment and reissue you a booking link if you need to reschedule.

The team are quick to reply between 8am-8pm everyday and any requests after 8pm will be dealt with in the morning!

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