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Q health Multi Party Consultations

A guide on how to use Q health for multi party video consultations.

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Q health can be used for multi party video consultations across a number of settings for a maximum of 6 people, for instances where translators, chaperones or additional users are needed. This guide provides training on how to use Q health for multi party video consultations.

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If you have not yet created your Q health account please see the guide here for assistance.

Prescheduled Multi Party

In order for you or your admin team to set up and invite participants to your consultation in advance you can use the Meetings tab.

On the Meetings tab, to create video consultations in advance click Create day & Time, this will allow you to enter the title of your meeting and select the date and time.

Once you have entered this information and clicked OK, the video consultation will appear in your schedule on the date of the consultation. To invite participants to the video consultation, please ensure you navigate to the correct date using the calendar then press the Invite button.

You can then begin inviting your participants by SMS or email, simply enter the contact details for the first patient and then press invite. Once the first invite has been sent, repeat the steps for the next patient until all invites have been sent.

If you are an admin user who has set up the consultation and invited the participants on behalf of a clinician you can change the host of the video consultation by clicking the Change Host button.

In the pop up please search for the clinician at your clinic that you would like to assign the consultation to. Once selected, you will be required to confirm this change.

The screen will then refresh and the meeting will no longer be visible on your Meeting scheduler but it will be visible in the new hosts Meeting scheduler.

Please note if you have started the consultation you will not be able to change the host.

Starting the Video Consultation

At the time of your appointment, whether you have created the meeting or it has been assigned to you by the admin team, you can join when you are ready from the dashboard by pressing the green Join button. If a participant has joined before you a notification will appear in the top right hand corner and the Waited column will begin recording how long the participant has been in the waiting room. The participant sees a holding screen saying: Thank you for your call. Someone will be with you shortly until you join. For more information see here.

Consult Now Multi Party

You can also host multi party video consultations from the Consult Now feature. This is particularly useful if during the consultation you feel it would be beneficial for another party to be present, or if the patient requests a family member join.

To host a multi party video consultation from an instant video consultation, you will first have to start the consultation as normal by inviting a single participant on the Consult Now page.

Once you have invited the patient from the Consult Now page you will see a holding screen until the patient joins.

After the patient has joined you can enter the video consultation using the activated blue Join Consultation button. Until you join, the patient will see a notification saying Thank you for your call. Someone will be with you shortly. - this will disappear once you are both connected.

In the consultation, you will then need to navigate to the participant list, to access this simply hover your cursor over the video stream and click on the person icon (highlighted in red).

This will open a panel called Meeting details on the right hand side of the screen. The ‘Add people’ button will be visible for hosts and by clicking this you will be able to invite the additional guests by either email or SMS.


If your question has not been answered in this article, please see our help centre here or press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team!

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