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Audio, visual or connectivity problems

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The Tokbox test should highlight if there are any problems with your hardware or software that is preventing Q health from working, it only takes 30 seconds. 

We suggest running the test if you are experiencing:
Audio Issues
Video Issues
Bandwidth Issues

First click run test (see below in the red box)

The test takes 30 seconds to complete. 

Once the test is complete the results are displayed in three categories: Hardware & Software Setup / Connectivity to OpenTok Servers / Expected Call Quality

Hardware & Software Setup

Video - make sure the correct webcam is selected (especially if you are using an external webcam)
Audio - make sure your headset is connected properly and that the audio is connected to the correct input/output.
Browser Compatibility - make sure you are using Google Chrome or FireFox (Edge 42.17134+)

Connectivity to OpenTok Servers 

If you get any Red indications in the above test please contact Q health support using the pink icon on our site or emailing
Expected Call Quality: 

Your video & quality should look similar to the graphs above (it will not look identical though)

Once this test is complete it should highlight if there are any issue with your hardware or software. Please use the tips and re-run the test if necessary.

To give the team more of an idea please click 'Save this data as simple text' highlighted in the red box below at the bottom of the report and send this to the team either on intercom or by email to - a member of the Q health team will reply between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. 

If you are still facing issues with Q health please head back to the previous conversation on intercom and click 'Still having problems' and follow the pathway for more assistance.  

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