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Checking your Internet Connection - Q health Meetings
Checking your Internet Connection - Q health Meetings
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To check your internet connection, we recommend running a quick connection test by going to the following link and pressing 'Run Test':

This test will take around 30 seconds and will identify any problems with your connection, including firewalls, and at the bottom of the results page it shows your expected call quality.

To share the result with the Q health Support Team, please press where it says 'Save this data as simple text' at the bottom of the page, just above the button to run a new test.

Please then copy and paste this into a chat with the Support Team, who can help run through the results!

If these results show that you have poor internet connection and therefore will have bad call quality, we recommend trying the following steps where possible:

  1. Move closer to the Wifi router.

  2. Restart your router.

  3. Change from Wifi to 4G or vice versa (please note using 4G for a video consultation will use data).

  4. Try joining the Meeting on a different device.

  5. Closing any other apps or programmes that may be using the internet in the background.

If the results indicate an issue with a firewall, please press here for a guide on how to resolve these issues.

If your question has not been answered in this article, please press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team!

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