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Problems creating my Q health account (clinician/admin)
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For a guide on how to create your account, please press here.

I have not received an email invitation.

If an invite has been sent to you, please search your inbox for an email from 'Q doctor', and we also recommend checking your junk/spam folder as sometimes our emails are directed there.

If you cannot see an invitation in your junk folder, please get in touch with us on the live chat by pressing the pink button and we can help you out further.

Some mail clients block the links so that you cannot press on them in the email. If that happens, you can simply copy and paste the link into Google Chrome. If the URL has square brackets either side [like this], please copy and paste it without those brackets.

The account creation page isn't displaying properly.

If the link automatically opens in Internet Explorer, please copy and paste it into either Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Q health is not compatible with Internet Explorer and the page won't work properly on that browser.

This means that you already have an account on the platform, which is great! If you can't remember the password you set up when you created your account, please press the 'Forgot Password?' button (found below the blue 'Login' button) to reset your password.

I'm getting an error message about the password confirmation not matching.

The password and password confirmation you have entered to create your account are not the same, which is causing the error. Please try deleting both and re-typing them.

I'm getting an error message about the password not being long enough or the format being invalid.

Passwords on Q health must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum 8 characters,

  2. At least 1 capital letter,

  3. 1 digit.

If you are receiving one or both of the above error messages, it means that your password does not meet those requirements and you will need to enter a new one.

If your question has not been answered in this article, please press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team!

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