Inviting Participants Issues
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SMS Invitations

If the invite was sent by SMS, check that the participant has sufficient mobile reception to receive the message and where possible they should move to an area with better reception before sending a second invite again.

Please also check with the participant that the phone number you are using for them is correct.

Email Invitations

Email invitations can sometimes end up in the junk/spam folder, so we always recommend checking this folder in case it has ended up there.

If the invite email is not in the junk folder, please try resending it. If the internet connection is slow it can cause a delay in the email being received.

'Email Not Sent' Error message

The error message 'Email Not Sent; Server Error' will appear if you have tried to invite an email address that does not exist, but please note the error message will only appear on the second invite attempt.

Please double check with the participant that they have given you the correct email address!

Copying Link to Clipboard

If the participant has been unable to receive the invitation by SMS and Email, you are able to copy and paste the link into an alternative email client, like To do this, simply press 'Copy to Clipboard' and then paste this into your email.

'Invite' Button Greyed out

If the 'Invite' button is greyed out when you are trying to invite a participant, please try refreshing your page and then check the following:

  1. The phone number or email address you have entered is valid,

  2. There are no spaces before or after the phone number or email address (this can happen if you have copy and pasted it from elsewhere)

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