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Updated Q health Clinician Platform with Telephony
Updated Q health Clinician Platform with Telephony

A guide to the updated Q health Clinician Platform with telephony

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Updated 06/10/2021

For a full user guide on the Consult Now feature, please head here.

Consult now - Telephony

Consult Now allows users to call patients from their computer or mobile/landline (included as part of your access to the platform). In the future you will be able to switch between video and telephone.

For a phone consultation the clinician inputs the patient's number, the clinician then selects if they want to use their computer by pressing ‘This computer’ or using their own phone either mobile or landline (your number will not be shared) by pressing ‘My number’. The clinician then presses Start Call. The patient will then be called. Please note the call is not recorded.

If you are using your computer you should hear the audio through your speakers once the patient answers the call, please note you may get a pop up requesting access to your microphone. Please ensure you press Allow (see red box). If the call does not connect this could mean the patient has either not picked up the phone or rejected the call.

During the call you're able to mute yourself and once you've finished the consultation you can press the red Hang Up button which will end the call.

If you are using your own phone when you press Start Call your patient will be called and once they have answered the phone number you entered for yourself will be rung. You will also see the following screens displayed during the call and you can either use the computer or your phone to hang up the call once it has ended.

Key Questions

What number will ring the patients and can we personalise the number?

The number used is an outbound only number: 02080925770. Therefore patients will not be able to text or call the number back. We chose to have a number rather than anonymous following feedback sessions from patients. Currently you're not able to personalise the number.

What happens if the patient doesn't answer?

You are able to hang up at any time if the patient doesn't answer, or it will ring onto their voicemail where you can choose to leave a message.

What happens if I have a problem?

The Q health team is available from 8am-8pm, please contact us using the pink button in the bottom right and we can help out.

I can't hear my patient?

Please ensure you have given permission for your microphone to be accessed, your speakers are switched on, or headphones plugged in. If you're still having issues please ensure the call has connected and the number is correct. You can also contact the Q health team using the pink button who can help out!

Is the call recorded?

The call is not recorded on the Q health platform. If you need to record your telephone consultation, you can choose to make the call from 'My Number' and enter your recorded practice landline, which will connect this recorded line to the patient.

The call connects but I can't hear the patient and they can't hear me

If you are struggling to connect with your patient it could be related to an IT firewall which is blocking the connection - please share this article with your IT team - and recommend they get in touch with the Q health team on

If you have any questions or would like training on the new platform features please email or press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team! We also have a new FAQs section here where you may find the answer!

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