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Q health Clinician Platform Features

A guide to the different sections of the Q health clinician platform

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Q health clinicians have access to a number of product features once logged into the the platform.

When a clinician logins the first screen they will see is ‘Consult Now’ with the option of four tabs:

Consult Now - Featuring telephony and in the future instant video consultations and the ability to switch between video and phone - click here for a guide.

Availability - For patient self booking appointments. This allows you to create your own availability/access the availability created for you, for appointment slots that have been booked into by patients themselves - click here for a guide.

Meetings - To create multiparty, 1-to-1, instant and future video appointments - click here for a guide

Settings - Manage your profile (i.e. change your password).

If you have any questions please email or press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team!

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