Q health Coded Appointments Guide

A guide for clincians & admin on how to use the coded video appointments feature on Q health.

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Q health coded appointments can be used for video consultations across a number of settings including 111, Community, and in GP Surgeries. The appointments are self-booked by the patient from availability created in advance. The patient can also access the consultations using the Q health iOS or Android apps. This guide can be used by both clinicians and admin and outlines how to use the coded appointment video consultation feature. If you are using Q health coded appointments as a vaccination clinic booking solution, please head here for our helpful user guide!

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If you have not yet set up your account on Q health, please head here for our guide on getting started.

As a clinician, to access prescheduled coded appointments after logging into Q health please head to the second tab along called Availability.

As a Clinic Admin, you will automatically be on the coded appointment dashboard when you login.

Adding Availability

Before a patient is able to book in for a video consultation, there will need to be appointment slots on the platform. To add availability, please press the blue button that says Add Availability as a clinician, or Add Clinical User Availability as a Clinic Admin.

This will bring up the following pop up (left shows the clinician pop up, right shows Clinic Admin):

  1. If adding from the Clinic Admin dashboard, first select the Clinical User you want to add appointment slots for. Clinical users will only have the ability to add slots for themselves and so will not have this option (see picture above on the left).

    1. If the Clinician works across multiple sites on Q health, they must first select the clinic the appointments should be at.

  2. Then pick the day the availability will be on (this must be in the future).

  3. You then need to select the duration of the appointments.

  4. Then select the start and finish time of the shift (this must be in the future) and press Add.

Once added these appointments will be visible on the dashboard and available for patients to book if they have a code - please press here for more information on generating codes.

Clinician Dashboard

Clinic Admin Dashboard

Deleting Appointment Slots

Clinicians are only able to delete a single slot at a time, whereas Clinic Admins can delete multiple.

To delete a single slot, press the bin icon at the end of the row next to the slot you want to remove.

To delete multiple slots at once as a Clinic Admin, tick the slots you want to delete or to select them all tick the box to the left of where it says Availability.

A bin icon will appear and reflect the number of slots you have ticked, in this instance as three have been ticked it shows (3) Slots.

A pop up to confirm your action will appear and you will need to click Delete. A further pop up confirming that it has been successful will then appear.

Transferring patients (Clinic Admin Only)

You can transfer a patient to a different slot and/or a different clinician. You can only transfer patients to an appointment on the same page, you are not able to transfer patients to appointments on different days.

To successfully transfer a patient there needs to be:

  • Clinician availability on the platform

  • Appointment slots that match the original duration of the appointment slot (i.e. if the patient booked in for a 15 minute appointment they can only be transferred to a 15 minute appointment slot).

If you need to transfer a patient from one clinician to another, you will need to press the Transfer patient button next to the patient that needs to be moved:

This will bring up the following pop-up where you need to select the clinician and the time slot that the patient will be transferred to.

Please note that there needs to be an available slot for the patient to be moved to, if there are no available slots with that clinician it will show No Data.

Press Transfer and you will then get the following pop-up in the top right of the screen:

If the patient has booked in using the iOS or Android app, they receive a notification within the app that their appointment with the new clinician has been confirmed and they will now appear on the clinician's list that they were transferred to.

Cancelling Appointments

Both Clinicians and Clinic Admins can cancel appointments from their dashboard. To do this, press the red Cancel button at the end of the row next to the appointment you wish to cancel. On the Clinic Admin dashboard, this is below the Complete f2f button. On the Clinician dashboard it is below the Start button.

Pressing the cancel button will bring up the following pop-up. Press Yes, I'm Sure to proceed with the cancellation, or No! to stop and return to the dashboard.

After cancelling the appointment, you will receive the confirmation in the top right hand corner of the screen and the appointment will disappear from the dashboard:

Complete Face to Face (f2f) Appointment (Clinic Admins Only)

If you are using Q health as an appointment booking solution for face to face appointments, in order to keep track of who has attended their appointment Clinic Admins simply press on the Complete f2f button next to the corresponding slot:

Pressing Complete f2f will bring up the following pop-up. Pressing Yes, I'm Sure! will proceed to mark the appointment as completed. Pressing No! will take you back to the dashboard.

You will receive confirmation in the top right hand corner of the screen, and the appointment will now show as Complete on the dashboard.

Generating Appointment Codes

Once you have created your appointment slots, in order to organise a video consultation an appointment code will need to be generated for the patient. Both Clinic Admins and clinicians can generate appointment codes from their dashboards.

Appointment codes are single use codes that allow patients to book their appointment. Appointment codes last for a variable number of hours. If the patient's code expires they will need to request a new one (for more information on appointment code expiry, please press here).

First click Generate appointment code on your dashboard. If the button is a light green colour, this means that this function is still loading and will change to a brighter green colour when it is ready to use:

A pop-up will appear where you can restrict the appointment code i.e. control what appointment slots the patient can see and subsequently book.

  1. Clinician - pick the clinician the appointment should be with, otherwise by leaving the clinician field blank the patient will be able to see appointments with all clinicians.

  2. From/To - if you want to restrict the dates or time slots the patient can see, select the appropriate date(s) and start/end time. By leaving this blank, the patient will be able to see all time slots.

  3. Leaving all data slots blank will allow the patient to book any available time slot with any available clinician.

Please note, when creating a restricted appointment code the variables (e.g. clinician and/or appointment time) must exist and be available on the platform. Otherwise an error message will be shown.

Once all the desired data has been inputted, pressing OK will generate an appointment code.

This code will then need to be sent to the patient. You can send this code through your own messaging system, by entering the patients phone number in the Enter mobile number box, or by reading it out to the patient over the phone.

Appointment code expiry

The expiry time of appointment codes are set at the clinic level, they cannot be changed at an individual clinician or admin level. Restricting an appointment code does not affect the expiry of a code.

The appointment needs to be booked and must occur before the code expires.

  • For example, if the code expiry is set to 2 weeks, the patient will need to enter their code and book into an appointment, and the appointment must have occurred within 2 weeks of the code being generated.

  • If a patient tries to enter their code outside of the expiry time, they will receive the following error message: Your appointment code has expired. Please try a different code.

  • A patient will be unable to join their appointment if it is started after the code has expired.

Starting a Consultation

Once the patient has received their code and booked in (a guide for patients can be found here), similar to face to face appointments you are responsible for starting the consultation. To do this click Start:

This will cause the below pop-up to appear. To proceed, press Start - if the patient is using the Q health App their phone will ring and accepting will allow them to join the appointment. If you wish to return to your dashboard, press Cancel.

Once in the consultation you may be asked to grant permission for the microphone and webcam, please ensure you click Allow:

You may need to scroll down slightly to see the whole video. You should be able to see your face in the bottom right hand corner of the grey box, and the patient will occupy the larger box (this will be grey until the patient joins the consultation).

During the consultation there are five additional features that are located in the top panel above the video box:

  1. Safeguard:

This uses the patient geolocation directly from the patients device. It will show the patient’s closest safeguarding council to where they are. If the patient has declined to provide access to their location, you will receive an error message when pressing Safeguard.

2. Clinical Guidelines:

This provides you with links to clinical guidelines along with their URLs for easy access.

3. Show providers:

Using the patient’s geolocation (if access has been granted by the patient), this feature displays all the walk-in clinics, pharmacies, and GP practices in their area and you can share this map with your patient. To send the map press Show. This will then be sent to the patient in the messenger section.

4. Reload:

If you lose connection with the patient, or there are any video or audio issues, try pressing Reload as this refreshes the page.

5. Messenger:

During the consultation you are able to message the patient and they are able to message you, this is located on the right hand side.

Ending A Consultation

Once you have finished the consultation press End consultation. This will end the video and audio feed for both yourself and your patient - you will not be able to re-enter the consultation.

Once the consultation has finished a questionnaire may pop up if it has been enabled (this can be personalised for your clinic). The data is collected and can be downloaded from the Clinic Admin Dashboard.

Once the questionnaire is complete, you should automatically be redirected back to the Availability page, but if this does not happen please click Availability to head back to see your future appointments.


If you have any questions please email support@qdoctor.io or press on the big pink circle to speak to a member of the Q health Support Team! We also have a new FAQs section here where you may find the answer!

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