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Firewall and Ports

Advice for customers facing video or audio issues likely to be related to firewalls and ports

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Q health suggests adding the two domains mentioned below to your Whitelist as a likely solution (those domains are for our infrastructure provider). Opening up the UDP ports mentioned will improve the overall video/audio performance & latency etc they are strongly recommended to enable the best experience & performance.

To test the platform please use the following link: or contact the customer success team to run test with you directly (

Firewall requirements

Q health video services require access to specific ports that will access servers at our infrastructure provider Vonage/TokBox. At a minimum the following requirements must be met:

  • Open TCP port 443

  • Open UDP Port 3478

  • You may also need to specifically allow Stun & WebRTC applications in addition through your Firewall.

And Whitelist the following domains:

  • *

  • *

Note; If you cannot WhiteList Wildcard domains in your Firewall & VPN infrastructure please email who will provide you with an IP Whitelist as an alternative.

Opening UDP Port 3478 will give your users a better experience. UDP is highly recommended over TCP for better quality audio and video. The protocol favours timeliness over reliability which is consistent with the human perceptive preferences; where we can fill in gaps but are sensitive to time-based delays.

UDP Port 3478 only accepts inbound traffic after an outbound request is sent. The connection is bidirectional but is always initiated from the corporate network/client so it is not possible for an external entity to send malicious traffic in the opposite direction. Note for the best possible experience, we recommend also opening UDP ports 1025 - 65535.

Remote Working & VPN’s

Customers who have team members who remote work & use a VPN should be advised to configure their PC’s to split the Q health service traffic (TCP & UDP) so that it does not use the VPN. This will improve call quality, reliability & resilience when remote working.

Optional Domain WhiteList

Whitelist the following HTTPS verification servers for Vonage/TokBox HTTPS certificate. Not doing so may cause console warnings, but should not affect your user sessions however.



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