Patient's Guide to Instant Meetings

A step by step guide for patients joining an Instant Meeting on Q health

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This guide will explain more about your Q health Meeting. If you have been sent a 9 digit appointment code please click here if you are using a computer, or click here if you are using an Android/iOS device.

If your practice or clinic is using Q health Meetings you will receive either an SMS message or email with a link to access the video call. You may be sent this URL link in advance or at the time of your appointment or immediately following a phone call.

In the email invite there is a link to a Troubleshooting Guide that you can click on should you have any issues during your consultation. This guide can also be accessed here.

When opening the link please ensure you are using our supported browsers, as otherwise you may face connection issues:

Computer - Google Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox

iPhone/iPad - Safari

Android Smartphone/tablet - Google Chrome

Once you have opened this link you will need to enter your name and press the green 'Join' button.

Upon entering the Meeting you must allow microphone and camera permissions. If you do not you will have issues during your consultation. You are able to check this in the settings section of your device.

Once you have accepted the necessary permissions you will enter into the consultation. If the clinician has not joined the consultation you will see a banner at the bottom of the video feed saying Thank you for your call. Someone will be with you shortly. The clinician is notified you have joined the consultation and will be with you as soon as possible.

Once the clinician has joined the blue banner will disappear and you will see the clinician in the large screen and yourself in the top right corner.

Within the consultation you have access to five features:

  • Leave the Meeting (if you leave the Meeting you are able to re-enter using the same link if the Meeting has not been ended by the host)

  • Turn your video off

  • Turn your audio off

  • Flip the camera (note this will not work if using a computer)

  • View the participants in the meeting. Please click here for a specific guide on this.

  • Send files and photos to other guests. Please click here for a specific guide to this.

If you have any issues during the consultation please see our troubleshooting guide or message the Q health support team (available 8am-8pm 7 days a week) on the pink dot located in the bottom right hand corner.

Once the consultation has finished the clinician will end the Meeting and you will be displayed with either the message below or a questionnaire to give feedback about your experience.

Any questions or issues please contact the support team by email:, phone: 0330 223 0349 or pressing the pink dot:

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