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Vaccination Clinic Admin User Guide
Vaccination Clinic Admin User Guide

Step by step guide for practice or PCNs using Q health for their vaccination clinics (video at the bottom)

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Please ensure you have filled in the following form or spoken with a member of the Q health team regarding setting up your account.

Inviting Team Members

The first step is for your key user to be invited to the platform - they will receive two invites from Q doctor to provide them with the correct level of permissions so they must accept both invitations. The first invitation will prompt the user to create an account and the second will activate the ‘Invite’ button on the User Box on the dashboard which will go dark blue so they are able to invite other members of the team. We recommend adding all users as Clinic Admins.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to invite users, please head to this guide.

Creating Availability

You will have a number of clinicians pre created on the platform (as you have indicated in the form). To create availability press on the + Add Clinical User Availability

You can then easily create availability by selecting the clinician, date, length of appointment and start and end time. Once added this is available for patients to book in.

The availability will stack on top of each other and pressing the square on the right hand side will allow you to see a drop down of all the appointments and any patients booked in.

Please see below an example of a patient booking on the dashboard and an explanation of each column:

  1. Availability - the time slot the patient has booked into.

  2. PID - an internal reference number on the Q health platform.

  3. Patient - contains the unique code the patient used to book in with and demographic data fields completed by the patient, above are some examples of fields you can request the patient completes. As standard the demographic request is set as First Name, Last Name and DOB (if you are a PCN we recommend also gathering the patients Practice - ask the Q health team about this).

  4. State - the current state of the appointment (either Confirmed or Complete).

Next to the ‘State’ column, there are three action buttons available on your dashboard:

  1. Transfer Patient - this button allows you to transfer the patient between clinicians on the same day and page (keeping in a similar time range). You are not able to transfer patients between clinics (i.e. if you have multiple accounts) or dates.

    1. The fastest way to change a patient is to rebook them with another code for the new date/time and cancelling the previous appointment. lease head to this part of the guide for help on how to do this.

  2. Complete f2f - allows you to mark the appointment as complete as a means of checking the patient in. The state will change to ‘Complete’ upon pressing this button and no further actions can be taken. Please note that pressing this button cannot be undone.

  3. Cancel - used to cancel the booking, this then opens the slot up for another patient to book back in. Cancelled appointments are visible on the Download All Appt data button

Inviting Patients

If you are using MJog the team will provide you with a list of unique codes over a secure portal and a user guide for setting up your mass message.

If you do not have MJog, Q health have a bulk SMS sending option this costs 3.5p/SMS - this can be easily set up and is a case of uploading the patient details and requesting a send time with the team.

Currently we are unable to send over iPlato as we need to embed a unique code into each message.

Patient Booking

The platform is extremely easy to use for patients. They simply press on the link provided in their SMS, input their demographic data and then select from one of the available appointments. Once selected this will appear in your booking page (see above).

If you have a patient that does not have any access to a computer or smartphone that they can book in with, you are able to book them in manually by going through the patient pathway. For more information on this, please head to this guide.

Changing Patient’s Appointments

Patient appointments can be changed in two ways:

  1. We recommend cancelling and rebooking the patient - this gives you more freedom in moving the patient to a different date or a later time slot. Pressing the red cancel button on the dashboard will remove their current booking, you then need to generate an appointment code and give this to them over the phone so they can book themselves in, or you can do it for them on the phone by following the steps in the guide linked above.

  2. Using the transfer patient button on the dashboard - this feature can only be used to move patients within a similar time range (those currently visible on the page you are on).


You are able to download reports of your clinics from your dashboard by using the Download All Appt Data Button. Simply pick the date range you wish to report on and press ‘Download’ to get a CSV file of all the booking information between this range. The report includes all Booked, Completed (if the Complete f2f button has been used), and Cancelled appointments.

Please note that the Download Appt Data button will only pull reports on appointments that have had their status changed to Completed on Q health by pressing the Complete f2f button, so please ensure you are using the Download All Appt Data button to get a full overview of your bookings.

Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use this for our 50-64s flu clinic?

Yes this would a great time to trial using a online booking system for your patients before COVID-19 vaccinations

Are you able to input a location?

Yes, we will confirm this when we set up your account.

Are there more appointment length time?

Our shortest appointment time at the moment is 2 minutes. Please get in touch with the team for other lengths.

Is this integrated with our clinical system?

We are currently not integrated with the clinical systems, this is to allow the platform to be used at any level and in any location.

Any questions or issues please contact the support team by email:, phone: 0330 223 0349 or pressing the pink dot:

You can also view all our guides and FAQs in our help centre:

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